Untouched World™ Sustainable Fabrics & Care Instructions


A cosy combination of Merino, Dehaired Possum fibre, Cashmere and Silk with pilled-resistant properties


A beautiful marriage of Merino, Brushtail possum and silk; the unique possum fibre traps air within its hollow core and when blended with fine Merino wool, it creates a lightweight barrier against the cold.


A luxurious blend of 40% Cashmere, 40% Dehaired Brushtail Possum Fibre, and 20% Silk; won't pill or scratch, making it the superb long-lasting choice for sensitive skin. Designed and made in Christchurch, New Zealand.


 A signature fabric for Untouched World™, this premium fabric is comprised of the highest-quality Merino wool and is Machine Washable.


Airewool™is a very special wind-resistant milled wool. It is made from a knitted base that is then milled to create a felted effect. Airewool™ is naturally very wind and water resistant and is hand washable for easy care.

To keep your Untouched World™ garments looking as beautiful as the day you bought them, it is important to always refer to your garment's Care Label for specific washing instructions.

Most of the garments are best cared for by gently hand washing in cool or warm water using an approved wool detergent. Mountainsilk™ are the only garments that can be machine washed.