Native World Care Instructions

When your Native World garment requires cleaning, be sure to closely follow the directions on the label inside of your garment.


Can knitwear be laundered in the washing machine?

Washing instructions can vary for different knitwear. You should always follow the care instructions on the garment label. We do recommend hand washing you knitwear in cold water using and approved wool detergent. Never use a detergent or fabric softener containing bleaching agents or enzymes on any wool garment as these can cause holes.

What is the correct way to dry knitwear once it's been washed?

Laying your garment flat to dry will help it retain its shape. Light coloured garments are best dried away from direct light. Never put your knitwear in the dryer, unless the care instructions say it's safe to do so.

Is there a way to prevent pilling?

Washing actually reduces pilling. Pilling is variable and the same garment can pill on one person and not the other. It is caused by short fibres coming to the surface of the garment and washing can eliminate these short fibres, keeping your knitwear looking like new. Merino possum blends have the advantage of having a low pill rate.