This weekend, the girls and I headed over the hill to Cardrona to meet the incredible dogs and team at UnderDog NZ . I'm sorry, let me introduce ourselves. I'm Kirstin, the eCommerce Manager here for Te Huia and The WoolPress. I am in charge of all things digital - I'm the one in the Admiral Blue Shelburne Parka Black Label jacket. Caroline has been with Te Huia the longest and is in charge of the buying for our three fashion stores (Wallace and Gibbs, IKON, and GOALS), all of our print marketing and payroll (very important :)). She's wearing the Solaris Parka in Black. Josie is our Operations Manager across all six of our shops...yes 6! She's one busy lady and is the one in the fabulous Victoria Parka in Black.

We had the most incredible time driving our own team of four dogs through the course up at Snow Farm, one of the most premier landscapes in New Zealand. They have a kennel of over 40 dogs,' many are veterans of of the North American race circuit - even the 1,000 mile Iditarod across the vast Alaska terrain. Some are even celebrities! Leap and Breaker were in Pete's Dragon and others in Taylor Swift's music video "Out of the Wood", K2 "Now or Never" and North Face commercials. But this hasn't gotten to their heads - they are the most hardworking animals around! We had a lot of thrills and only 1 spill! Our Canada Goose jackets kept us warm and protected and are truly designed for the Arctic.