Sustainability: Leading The Way

The Fashion industry has a great impact on climate change and the pollution of the planet. With the effects becoming more evident, the customer is turning to brands to lead the way in the fight to save the planet. 

As part of the "Vanity Fair's Future Series", Untouched World have been highlighted and praised as a brand going the extra mile, to help change the sustainability values within the fashion industry. 

Untouched World is a brand that has always been forward thinking in terms of sustainability. They take pride in using natural, locally sourced fibers in all their garments. The use of natural fibers helps to reduce the amounts of plastic that is put into the landfills each year, and there for reducing the levels of micro plastics in the ocean.   

The brand has also been featured in the March travel edit with the magazine.               

Vanity Fair March 2021 

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