What happens when a Canada Goose Black Label parka crosses your path (even on Black Friday)? You put it on and strut your elevated style with pride!

You'll find many of your favourite styles are available as a Black Label Edition, with the classic red, white and blue badge exchanged with a beautiful and more subtle black and grey badge.

When you find a Canada Goose jacket you absolutely love, check to see if there is a Black Label Edition available. We currently have the following styles available with a Black Label Edition:

Mens: Brookvale Jacket, Brookvale Hoody, Carson Parka, Chateau Parka, Freestyle Crew Vest, Hendriksen Coat, HyBridge Lite Jacket, HyBridge Perren Jacket, MacMillan Parka, and Maitland Parka.

Womens: Brookvale Hoody, HyBridge Perren Jacket, Rossclair Parka, Savona Bomber, and Shelburne Parka.